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Legends has a variety of trainings.  No matter how advanced or beginner you are, we have something for you.


We know that there are a lot of new gun owners out there, which is why we want to offer personalized, one-on-one training for beginners.

  It is imperative that you get comfortable with your firearm and that you have confidence in your ability to operate, handle and store it safely.  Here at Legends Indoor Range, we are dedicated to helping you take that first step in responsible handgun ownership.  

Please reference the following for important details:

  • Sessions are by appointment only and are a duration of 60 minutes

  • Sessions are structured for 1-2 people not including the instructor

  • Session does not include ammo or firearm rental (these are available at an additional cost if required).

  • We encourage you to bring your own firearm so that you are able to learn these techniques with your personal firearm.

  • Appointments are made through email, phone or in-person at the range.



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We will get back to you shortly with time-slot options for your training.


We have partnered with SlapShot USA for classroom training and more!  SlapShot’s Classroom training is separate from our One-On-One Hands On training. 

SlapShot USA is a local, family-owned business.  

They offer trainings like Pistol Safety 101, Dynamics of Close Quarters 1 & 2 and more advanced training like Scenario Based Close Quarters Tactics Training.

These classes are strictly run through SlapShot USA and all classes are taught by their instructors.  You can sign-up and pay for classes on or visit them in store at 2127 8th Ave. Plaza, Longview, WA.

Pistol Safety 101 and Dynamics 1 & 2 are held at our Legends Indoor Range location.

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